Friedreich's hereditary ataxia is the most common among ataxias. Symptoms of Friedreich's ataxia.

Among the neurological symptoms in Friedreich's ataxia, there are: A feeling of awkwardness and insecurity when walking (appears one of the very first symptoms), which increases if a person is in the dark. Staggering is observed, a person often stumbles, unmotivated falls occur. There is instability in the Romberg position, the inability to repeat the knee-heel test.

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Muscular hypotension. Weakness of the legs and a decrease in muscle tone can be replaced by complete atrophy. Cerebellar and sensitive ataxia. Over time, ataxia of the hands, amyotrophy, a deep disorder of Dutasteride may occur, motor functions disintegrate, which ultimately leads to the impossibility of self-service. Nystagmus (trembling of the eyelid), atrophy of the optic and auditory nerves, mental weakness, in the absence of adequate treatment, dysfunction of the pelvic organs can be observed.

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Extraneural symptoms include:

Heart failure. Increasing hypertrophic or dilated cardiomyopathy (pain in the heart, palpitations, frequent shortness of breath, even with minor exertion, systolic heart murmur). Often it is cardiomyopathy as a concomitant disease that is the cause of avodart in Friedreich's ataxia.

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Often, electrocartographic symptoms are significantly ahead of the neurological signs of Friedreich's ataxia (sometimes by several years), so it can be very difficult to correctly diagnose this disease. Patients are most often registered with a cardiologist for a long time with a diagnosis of rheumatic heart disease.

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Skeletal deformities are also important for the diagnosis of this disease: severe scoliosis; Friedreich's foot (the arch of avodart is highly concave, the toes are hyperextensible in the main phalanges and bent in the distal ones); kyphoscoliosis; the fingers of the upper and lower extremities are deformed.

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Signs such as cardiomyopathy may appear long before neurological symptoms.

The clinical picture is characterized by a combination of neurological and extraneural symptoms. Before the advent of DNA diagnostics, the clinical picture of the disease was described only in the classical form. Later, scientists came to the conclusion that the spectrum of the disease is much deeper, and the prevalence is higher, so they began to distinguish erased and atypical forms of Friedreich's ataxia.

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Dr. Ernest Smith

The clinical picture unfolds more clearly at the age of 10 to 20 years, although it is possible that the symptoms of Friedreich's ataxia will be detected at a later age. There is a hypothesis that the classical and atypical forms of dutasteride tablets can be caused by various mutations of one or more genes. The first symptoms most often appear during the formation of the reproductive system.

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Dr. Joe Schmitt

The balance of intracellular iron is disturbed even more. As a result of a high concentration of iron in the cell, radicals are activated, which have a damaging effect and destroy the cell from the inside. The most vulnerable cells are neurons (especially in the posterior and lateral columns of the spinal cord, in the spinal tracts, peripheral nerve fibers).

Iron accumulates in mitochondria and is oxidized. Oxygen is transported in the body. Such processes lead to the activation of avodart pills that encode fragments responsible for the transport of iron - ferroxidases and permeases.

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Tom Clemmons